10 Things That Make Men Fall in Love

by professional matchmakers

Happy couple in love on beach sunset vacation.

Whenever it comes to what men want, it’s not out of place to clearly state that men are too choosy. They could be potbellied, bald like Homer Simpson, obnoxious like Shrek, and yet still want a lady with stunning curves that models their version of an ideal lady. Men… You just gotta love them!

Yet amidst the outrageous expectations, one can still find a common ground on what makes men tick. Now is the time to ignore all the wildly idealistic things you might have heard from other sources as our professional matchmakers will tell you the secrets to a man’s heart.

  1. Femininity and Sensuality: Top of the list of Elite Connections complaints is that many women have become unnecessarily hardened. Yes, you’re a boss, a career woman, or an accomplished expert in your field. We know that and you have every right to be proud of your achievements. But amidst that men want to see the feminine part of you. Your womanly poise, aura, calmness, and sensitivity. We acknowledge your need to toughen up when you’re in a line of work majorly dominated by men, yet you should be careful about how that bleeds into your relationship. Remember you were first a woman and it’s all the things that make you a woman that men cherish. 
  2. Sense of Humor: In this world of ours, just about everyone cherishes a good laugh. You don’t have to be a jester anyway. All you have to do is put in some effort, try to be interesting but don’t try too hard. More importantly, understand when he’s been sarcastic as it communicates intelligence. Another good trait men cherish is being able to laugh at yourself or take a tease. Amidst their buddies, men are always tough on themselves so when they don’t have to work on eggshells while talking to their woman, it’s always a heartwarming experience. 
  3. Looking Attractive: We would just be fooling ourselves if we don’t mention this because, in the end, it all boils down to attraction. No wonder it’s the first question professional matchmakers ask during the matchmaking process. Like it or not, we’re all superficial! So be hygienic, take care of your looks, and put the best part of you out there. 
  4. Showing Interest in What He Likes: Judging from recent elite connections reviews, this is probably the most important thing that makes men fall in love. As it’s not out of place to say men want clones of themselves when it comes to the interest and passion of their significant order. And this is the most important information prioritized by professional matchmakers as it forms the foundation or core of compatibility. If only you could see the way men’s eyes light up whenever they find a woman that shares their interest in a certain sport, music, hobbies, or passion, you’ll pay more attention to the things he’s passionate about. Tips in elite connections reviews show that men understand that you can’t exactly be like them. But by making an effort and showing interest you win an unreplaceable spot in their heart. And what’s amazing is that the positive feeling he as towards that thing will be extended unto you.  
  5. Good Conversationalist: Men are tired of driving the conversation! Men are tired of driving the conversation! This had to be repeated because women being bad conversationalist forms the bulk of elite connections complaints coming from men. And this is one of the top issues elite matchmakers struggle to explain. It is no secret men know how women talk for hours with their friends. So, it’s not too much to ask that you put in the same energy in the initial stages. So, stop being selfish with the conversation, he shouldn’t be the one asking all the questions. Show some interest, actively-listen, and ask questions that drive the conversation progressively. 
  6. Being Happy: Though the inclusion of this might come as a surprise to some, but when you truly reflect on this you tend to realize how important it’s for you to be in a relationship with a happy person. Aside from that, the pursuit of happiness is the sole reason professional matchmakers are in business. As humans, we understand you’ll have your bad days, but no man ever wants to end up with a moody woman, who’s often sad and depressed 7 out of 10 days. The bad energy is quite contagious, and men never want to feel that.
  7. Getting Along with the People in His Life: Believe it or not, men are family-oriented and whether you get along with the people in their lives really matters to them. So, this is the time to make drastic changes if you have a foul personality or struggle with relating with other women. Truly, a way to win his heart is to be likable and get along with his friends and families. When they like you, you can be sure that you’ve won bonus points in his heart. A good scenario is you dating a single parent with a five-year-old daughter and she talks about you often. That’s a home run right there! 
  8. Physical Intimacy: This is always a touchy subject for elite matchmakers. But the truth is that one cannot put a fine line on when too much is too soon. Yet, fact remains that acts of physical intimacy play a big part in making a guy fall in love. Consequently, from mindless arm graces, to warm hugs and different forms of PDA. You can slowly work your way to his heart. 
  9. Dressing Nice: A known fact amongst elite matchmakers is that the physical is what first appeals to men. You could be the most intelligent woman, but what draws men’s attention is your look. So, take his breath away at every chance by accentuating your look with nice clothes and accessories. 
  10. Showing That You Genuinely Care: Many of the elite connections complaints borders on being unsure about the woman’s interest and intentions. And in recent elite Connection reviews, men are complaining of being confused about the actions and inactions of women. This is why you should genuinely make an effort, show that you care, and let your actions communicate that you want to pursue a romantic relationship with him. 

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