No Valentine? Let’s Fix That!

You have been trying to find love recently, but after listening to some Elite Connections complaints from couples, you are rather skeptical  about being in a relationship! But, after checking out some of the positive Elite Connections reviews, you have clearly made up your mind to be in love. Not just a fling, but you are determined to ask for help from a matchmaking service to end up with true love, love like never before. Join hands with the best matchmakers this Valentine’s day and enjoy the opportunity to improve your love life for the better. Some studies have shown that planned Valentine’s Day spending in the United States alone will reach around 22 billion US dollars in 2021. So, that shows how important this day is to many people. You will enjoy love once you have gotten your hands on the matchmaking service mentioned here.

Start attracting your potential date:

If you don’t want to lodge Elite Connections complaints later, then chances are high that you need to find a compatible partner to be by your side. Well, thanks to Elite Connections reviews, you will learn the tricks to find one this Valentine’s Day. 

• First of all, you need to attract your potential date by cleaning yourself up first. No one wants a dirty looking, smelly person beside them on a special day like this one. The pandemic may have changed how often you dress up, but it’s time to get out of those pajamas and dress to impress.

• So take a shower, brush your teeth and prepare yourself properly for the date that has been set up by the best matchmakers. The more presentable you become, the easier it will be to find love.

A toned body is a good call:

Some Elite Connections complaints heard from couples revolve around how unhealthy their spouses are. No one likes a partner that has let themselves go, when you can easily maintain a fit body and healthy mind. Your new partner will also be looking at this factor deeply. 

• So, try to visit the gym as much as you can for maintaining that proper physique. 

• A good and fit body means a positive mind. 

• In some Elite Connections reviews, it has been stated that some people fall in love by checking out their spouse’s toned body. You can be that person as well!

Show off some confidence:

No matter what kind of matchmaking service you use, it won’t work unless you are confident in yourself. If you feel like you don’t have a chance to fall in love during Valentine’s Day, then none of the matchmakers can help you find that perfect person. So, be sure to boost up your level of self-confidence first, before you plan to go out on a date. Then once you are ready, you will find the perfect person to be in love with for the rest of your life.

Make sure to ask the best matchmakers to help you find true love during this special occasion of Valentine’s Day. The team of experts is more than happy to guide you through the steps of finding everlasting love and might help you meet some prospective partners.

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What Men Look for in Women Based on Age

by Professional Matchmaking Dating Service, Elite Connections

Most singles think that dating age preference/range is the only thing to look for in a partner, but professional matchmakers say that what matters most is the connection you have and the common interests you share. Other dating preferences could include similar lifestyle, preferred religion, educational background, or number of children. Professional matchmakers at Elite Connections dating service advise you to specifically look at their personality traits and hobbies that you may have in common because these are the most important things that can make a relationship last. In this article, professional matchmakers from an elite dating service will give you advice on what men are looking for in a women depending on their age.  

Men in their 20s

Men in their twenties are typically looking for an all-around beautiful girl that is as gorgeous on the inside as much as she is on the outside. They want to make their friends jealous that they have successfully courted her and that she chose him over someone else or one of his friends.  Men in their twenties mature a lot as they get older and gain experience in dating through some good and some bad relationships. Your twenties are meant for trying new things and men eventually discover that what makes a relationship work is common interests and similar personality type. They also want women that set goals, follow through and achieve those goals, then sets new goals. Most men in their early twenties like to live in the moment and sometimes do not worry or think about the things that will make a relationship last. As men gain dating experience they start to realize what is most important to them about the girl they choose to date and what “standards” they have obtained. Men approaching their thirties look for women that are mature, supportive, and willing to work through tough times. A common Elite Connections complaint is that men in their twenties struggle with the gender stereotypes that come with being a man. For example, the man needs to be the bread winner and be able to support a family in this very competitive world.  This is why they want someone that is supportive of their life choices and can help ease the pressure.

Men in their 30s

Elite Connections reviews have reflected that most men in their thirties know what they wanted to do with their life and have established certain expectations for the women they date. Professional matchmakers from an elite dating service want to share some things that you should know about a man in his thirties before you accept that first date. First off, they know what they want and know what is important to them, which makes them more straightforward with their relationships. This is unlike the less mature expectations they  had in their twenties. Men in their thirties look for women who are driven, accomplished and confident of who they are as a person. They are looking for a women that has qualities and values similar to their own. Of course, all men tend to be attracted to outside beauty at first but in the end, all they really want is someone with pride in her self-esteem. Another Elite Connections complaint is that men in their thirties do not want to deal with emotional outbursts, head games, or any drama that used to happen when they were in their twenties.  All in all, men in their thirties are looking for the woman they want to spend the rest of their life with and be able to settle down with.

Men in their 40s

A very common Elite Connections complaint is that women have a tougher time dating men in their forties. Our elite matchmakers that have years of experience at our very successful dating service can confidently say that men in their forties are not that complicated. Based on previous experiences and relationships, men in their forties have dialed down on what they are looking for and expect in a partner. Elite Connections reviews tell us that men in this age group are more attracted to a woman that is financially stable, independent, and able to contribute to a family financially. One of the main things men in their forties look for is loyalty. They are over playing games and cheating and will not tolerate it and leave you. Men in their forties have been through their fair share of good and bad relationships and know the things that worked and the things that did not work. They might be more reluctant at first, but when they find a quality woman, they will seize the opportunity.

Men in their 50s

Elite Connections reviews have told us that by the time men reach their 50s, they tend to reflect on their life. At this time in their lives, they tend to dwell on situations or actions that they regret and start to realize what they did wrong and how they can change themselves for the better. They might give up on a dream that is too far out of reach. On the other hand, some men take this time to learn some self-acceptance and are optimistic about the future. This all leads men to want to find a woman that is sympathetic and empathetic towards their bad choices or regrets, not someone that will hold judgements against them.  Basically they just want someone to support them. Teach your man gratitude and remind him of everything he should be grateful for. They are also looking for someone that wants to do similar things as them and be able to make a plan that will make you both happy. All things considered, men in their fifties value a woman with character, virtues and maturity.

Men in their 60s

Most men in their sixties have retired and are looking for someone to enjoy the rest of their life with. They want someone with whom to travel, go on adventures, explore, and try new things. They value women that are able to join them in retirement. A common misconception is that  people in their sixties have no sex drive. Truth of the matter is that men in their sixties are still looking for someone to have fun with and meet their sexual desires. They do not want a woman to condemn them for their continued desire to have sex.

In conclusion, despite the age of the man you choose to date, all men are looking for someone who is genuine, confident, accomplished, and just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Once you realize these things about men, you will have a much easier time understanding them.

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6 Tips For Dating In A Pandemic

by the best professional matchmakers

couple communicating via online

The pandemic has turned everyone’s life upside down. It has forced many people to confront their singleness and reevaluate how badly they want to share these crazy times with someone. But where does someone go in the midst of a lockdown to find love? You have ventured into the unknown territory of the world of professional matchmakers. You need to go with the best matchmaking agency, and after reading Elite Connections reviews from countless happy couples, you have found it! 

Our elite dating service has 6 simple tips for dating to follow to make sure that you make the best of your dates during the pandemic. Once our professional matchmakers set you up with your match, follow these rules to help you turn a date into a long term partner to ride out all the storms with! 

  1. Always be true to yourself: Our elite dating service sees a variety of intentions from singles and matches based on common goals. Some people want long term love, some are just looking to date around. There are some Elite Connections complaints from singles that have gone on dates with people that did not know what they want. In order to avoid that, make sure that you are being true to yourself always. Think about what you want and be clear about your intentions and desires so we can match you accordingly and raise your chances of getting what you want! 
  2. Stay connected: Of course, we all must follow social distancing and practice lockdown as ordained by our state or county. Luckily, we live in a technologically advanced world where we can keep connected through video chat, text messaging, phone calls, etc. Just because you cannot see people in person does not mean that you should cut them off completely! There are many positive Elite Connections reviews from couples that have kept up their relationship with creative video dates and texting or calling throughout the day! 
  3. Communication is key: This is an extension of the last tip. Since there is distance and a lot of rules in place, it is important to keep communication open and frequent. Talk about your day, your thoughts, your feelings, and when your partner is doing the same, make sure to really listen! Our professional matchmakers can connect you to the perfect person, but maintaining that relationship is up to the both of you! If you do not want to waste a perfect match, then you should make the effort to communicate well. 
  4. The ying to my yang: It is easy to get down when you are in isolation. This can put a lot of pressure on our partners to provide emotional support or entertainment. Avoid the most often heard Elite Connections complaints from singles dating online, which is overbearing partners by engaging in other interests and hobbies. Make sure that you have balance in life. Dedicate time to your family, friends, and other activities and let your partner do the same. 
  5. Focus on your health: This pandemic was unprecedented. We were all shocked and scared since we did not really know what was going on. Make sure that you are safe and taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Working, exercising, and eating healthy are all ways that we can practice more control in our lives. With our elite dating service, things can feel even a little more normal with regular dates and romance still a part of our lives. 
  6. Your time is precious: We are learning now more than ever that our time here is precious. Every minute counts and you never know what is going to happen. This is making you a little stir crazy and eager to find your love! Well, have no fear. Our professional matchmakers are here to help you find “The One,” sooner rather than later! 

Follow these 6 tips for dating in a pandemic to help you combat your single life in these hard times. With all the uncertainty going on, you can at least be sure that you will have the best matchmaking agency working for you to find the love of your life so that you never have to spend another quarantine alone! Contact us at 1-800-923-4200 or today!

The Best Way To Snag Your Soulmate

by professional matchmakers

best way to snag your soulmate dating tips matchmaking advice

After many dates and some interesting conversations, you have finally come across someone you are interested in. Now, the main question is how to snag your soulmate or make them fall for you.

Get help from the best matchmakers on how to to attract your partner. Some simple tips from the elite dating service professionals can help you in this regard. Do not keep trying to meet people through the same avenues that have not been working.

Try something new, like professional matchmaking. Matchmaking experts agree you should have more options to find a successful match.

Have to believe in love:

If you check out some of the Elite Connections reviews, you will realize that not all couples believe in love. It is all about having a positive frame of mind and being more into the relationship. Complaints heard by Elite Connections matchmakers is from singles dating online. People online can tend to be less serious about finding love and just playing around. When you are in a serious relationship you will feel more loved and will want to do nice things for your partner. It is a natural progression. So make sure you are being treated this way too.

According to the best matchmakers, showing love and affection is one prime way to attract your partner. Once they realize how much you care for them, they are surely going to reciprocate your love. So, in order to show love, you have to believe in it. Join an elite dating service to find your partner that you can share quality time with.

Time to heal old wounds:

If you are trying to move beyond a bad breakup or loss, try to get an understanding of what happened first. That is a great piece of advice from professional matchmaking experts. Maybe your first relationship was not a successful one but you have to let go to move forward. One of the biggest Elite Connections complaints matchmakers have heard is that singles are trying to date before they are over an ex-love. Just because things did not work out last time does not mean you cannot find love, but you have to have a good frame of mind and not be sad or angry.

Knowing your setbacks in your first relationship will take you one step forward in healing your mind. The faster you can get out of the trauma of the first relationship, the better you can concentrate on a new one. According to some Elite Connections reviews, complete concentration is of utmost necessity when you are in a relationship. Being focused on a relationship will help you to cement your relationship.

Self-love is also important:

If you ask the professional matchmakers, they will always ask you to make sure you pay close attention to self-love. Until you are able to love yourself, you will not be able to show that love to someone else. That is the best way to attract a partner.

It is really very simple to find true love once you are aware of these points. In case you are alone and want help, then professional matchmaking agencies are here for you.

You can read Elite Connections reviews and see why quality singles have been joining with them for 27 years. This elite dating agency has amazing clients that are serious about finding the right person. Contact the professional matchmakers at Elite Connections International 800-923-4200

The Modern Rules Of Dating

The world of dating has changed completely. The days are long gone when you had to stick to any one person just because you were in an intimate relationship with them. The rules of dating have also changed. Nowadays, singles are testing the waters a lot more before diving into relationships! This might be because there are some iffy people out there, and Elite Connections complaints warn of many cheaters, liars, and the overall bad partners. But, with the help of professional matchmaking you can weed out some of these problematic characters. 

Checking out some Elite Connections reviews and reading happy stories of successful couples might give you that confidence that you have been looking for. In the end, if you cannot find anyone on your own, you are most welcome to join us and find out why so many people call us the best dating service. Our professional matchmakers have come up with a brand new set of rules for dating in this modern era.

Dating multiple people at once:

According to some Elite Connections reviews, modern dating consists of people dating multiple people at the same time. Unfortunately, that might lead to some major confusion where men and women alike will tell Elite Connections complaints about their cheating partners. 

That is why it is important to make it clear if you are dating other people and make sure that this is something the people you are dating are okay with. This way, you do not have to feel bad about seeing what the market has in store and exploring what feels right for you before making the decision to commit. 

Always keep the dates short:

The best dating service will advise you to never, ever try to go for a lengthy meeting on a first date. After all, when you are first meeting someone, you never know how compatible you might be. That is why it is always necessary to keep the first few dates short. The sweet spot can be found in something like a coffee or casual dinner date. After a few of these you can sense if you are on the same page with that person, and then you can start planning for longer dates or even entire weekends of fun. 

Be upfront about your relationship:

Whether you are looking for a fling or in it for the long haul, make sure to be clear about your intentions. A common complaint Elite Connections hears from singles is that when they meet people in-line somewhere, they already have a significant other. Make sure to be free and not dating anyone exclusively. Be clear about your relationship status with the  professional matchmaking experts as well so that they can pick the right person for what you are looking for. 

Avoid talking about your past on first date:

When you are out on your first date, your main goal is to create a pleasant representation of yourself. If you start talking about your exes in front of your new date, then you might give off the impression that you are not over your past, as per some Elite Connections reviews. You have worked with the top notch and best dating service to find that real love. Now, if you end up talking about past relationships with them, then it can ruin all the hard work. 

Now that you know about the new rules of dating, you are ready to get back in the game. Get help from professional matchmaking agencies for the best possible results! Contact us at 1-800-923-4200 or email us at

14 Ways to Find the Love of Your Life

by Sherri Murphy, professional matchmaking

Men and women are crazy about finding true love in their life, which is not an easy job. True love should be unconditional and permanent, fulfilling the emotions of both partners. It may not be the first love of a person but it should involve the right kind of partner that will bring eternal happiness to his/her life. According to the Elite Connections reviews, only true love can save people from the pain of breakups in life and this matchmaking service is efficient in helping their male and female members in this regard.

  1. Improve your personality – When you desire the best life partner, you need to rectify all your flaws to make yourself compatible with a person. So you should evaluate yourself and point out all the weaknesses, which can be corrected with perseverance for the betterment of your overall personality. Sherri Murphy, the CEO of Elite Connections matchmaking agency also suggests fulfilling your dreams in both your professional and personal life.
  2. Work on your physical beauty – Every man and woman is initially attracted to a beautiful face and handsome physique. So you must make a target of improving your looks, by taking regular care of your skin and hair. You should also exercise every day to make yourself healthier and achieve an impressive body figure. If there is any natural flaw in your look, you should not try to hide it but blend it as a part of your normal appearance. 
  3. Find your expectations in a partner – You need to be very specific about the type of life partner that you are really looking for. You can make a list of all qualities of a potential partner, which may be mentioned in your profile on the matchmaking site. However, you cannot expect all the good things together in your true love, as no one can be so much tailor-made. 
  4. Set a practical standard for a partner – You should not hold a fairytale view about your dream partner even if you are too much influenced by your favorite films and romantic novels. So you should think practically and decide the type of man/woman who can complete your life. 
  5. Meet more people regularly – When a person knows only a limited number of people, he/she has a lesser scope of finding true love in life. So you should concentrate on increasing the number of your acquaintances and widen the chance of meeting your true love someday. Common Elite Connections complaints are that it is hard to meet new people or know where to find them. Now, you may also join online forums and Whatsapp groups to increase your friend circle. 
  6. Choose an ideal friends circle – Even if you have many friends, you can never have too many close friends with whom you feel comfortable. According to Elite Connections complaints, many people are deceived in love from their friendship with the wrong sort of people. So you need to have the company of people who seem to be right for you, to open the door for the entrance of your true love. 
  7. Do not search for good looks – True love has no connection to the physical beauty of a person. You may find your real love in life even in a person who may be apparently not so good-looking. So it is the personality or the character of the person that you should be judging, not his/her looks. Hence, Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tammi Pickle, VP/Partner, advisesthe members of Elite Connections to evaluate all profiles of the list of potential members sent to them and not only the beautiful ones.
  8. Get a matching personality – It is very important the personality of your partner is compatible with yours, to have a long-lasting and happy relationship. If your personality clashes with your partner, it can be a nightmare for both of you! So you should judge the personality of your potential partner and check the features of his/her character. If you have any weaknesses, your partner should be strong in that regard. 
  9. Know about his/her priorities – Every person has different priorities in life and it is essential that your life partner maintains the same priorities that you think to be most important. If your career is your first priority, then your partner should be career-oriented too so that he/she can appreciate your feelings. 
  10. Check if he/she respects you – Mutual respect is essential for a healthy relationship, without which partners may fail to understand each other. So you should see whether your partner has enough respect for you and vice versa. You should seek a partner who is sensitive and shows respect for you in his/her words and actions. According to Elite Connections reviews, those relationships have been successful where partners develop respect for each other.
  11. Ask family or friends for opinion – No one can live alone without their family members and friends. So it is essential that your family and friends meet your potential partner and approve of this relationship. If they do not find him/her to be suitable for you, you should think about it from their point of view and rethink the whole matter. According to Elite Connections complaints, some horrible ending relationships could have been avoided by listening to well-trusted opinions. 
  12. Be acquainted with his/her family – Similarly, you should also meet the family and close friends of your chosen partner and see their reactions on meeting you. In this way, you can also have an idea about the family background and the culture of that person whom you want as your life partner. 
  13. Give some time to the relationship – You should not hurry to settle down in a relationship, but rather take some time for both partners. Both of you should wait and see if the mutual attraction and love still persist after a few months or a year before you make the final decision. It is seen that many hurried marriages often culminate in bitterness and divorce.
  14. Think practically for deciding – Though love is an emotion, you should also be practical and think rationally about the outcome of your relationship. You need to judge all the criteria and check whether he/she is the true love in your life, which should be an eternal feeling.

However, it is said that perfect matches can be manifested. So it is a good idea to put that goal and good vibes out there in order to find the true love of your life while you also depend on this matchmaking agency. Tammi Pickle, the VP/partner of Elite Connections is a love coach and offers useful guidance to all members of this site in this matter. Check out Elite Connections reviews to see why successful singles have been using their service for over 26 years. 

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Finding Love During the Pandemic

By Sherri Murphy, professional matchmaker

finding love during the pandemic

Presently, the world is reeling under the pandemic of Coronavirus. Thus, people need to maintain social distancing to avoid this highly contagious disease. So, it has become even more difficult for people seeking love. Single men and women feel lonely during the lockdown period when they cannot physically meet their friends. Therefore, some reputed matchmaking companies, like Elite Connections, offer enjoyable virtual dating options to their male and female members who are trying to find passionate love even in this tough situation. Elite Connection reviews show the satisfaction of their members, who have found the professional matchmakers incredibly useful in finding suitable matches for them. 

A Few Useful Tips for Dating Now 

Find the best dating agency or app – Since it is not wise to meet dating partners in person at this time, people should use the virtual dating option of a reputable dating service. As most people are forced to stay at home all the time now, they have an abundance of time to find the best dating sites on popular search engines. They need to spend time going through all the positive and negative reviews posted by existing members of those sites. They can also learn the ins and outs of such dating sites or apps while resting comfortably and safely at home. Elite Connections is a renowned dating site that contains a huge database of passionate male and female members of different regions. 

Create an attractive profile on the dating site – Generally, a person chooses his/her online dating partner by going through the list of profiles of members of the opposite sex on a dating site. So, it is essential to create an impressive profile after registering on a dating site. A male member should showcase his social and financial status in his profile while the female members may display their intelligence through their profiles. Moreover, these new members should be careful in uploading their most attractive photos, to impress their potential dating partners. Tammi Pickle, the VP of Elite Connections, helps clients with valuable tips for making the best of their appearances, by improving their skin, hair, clothing, and other physical features.

Mention essential points for finding a partner – A new member should mention his/her preferences about a dating partner while creating a profile on a dating site or signing up with a professional matchmaking service. Often people have some special choices while selecting their partners, which they should specifically point out in their profiles on dating sites. Commonly heard Elite Connections complaints about online dating is that there does not seem to be a good filter of matches. It is easier for professional matchmaking agencies to provide the most suitable dating partners to their clients because the matchmakers are so hands-on. It is also advised to mention some previous dating experiences, mainly regarding the blunders they might have made while dating earlier. This way, they can avoid those mistakes again and hope to enjoy flawless dating sessions via online platforms. 

Check the authenticity of chosen partner – Sometimes, people are cheated by fraud profiles created on some dating sites, which may leave them in a distressed condition. However, reliable dating sites always make sure to check the authenticity of all their new members, to ward off the risks of fraudulence. As per members’ feedback, Elite Connections complaints are hardly posted regarding this issue, as this site authority validates all information entered by each new member to take care of the safety of their other members. 

Communicate to find common interests – Now, people have enough time to interact with their chosen dating partners, as they have lots of free time due to the lockdown period amidst this pandemic. Hence, they should make the best use of this opportunity and chat virtually through a video calling app. Elite Connections reviews state the wonderful services offered at this time to enable members in communicating with their chosen dating partners. It is easy for them to express their interests to their partners and see what they have in common between them. The sharing of such information may help in developing a stable relationship between the dating partners when they will meet in the future.

Share personal information later – It is not safe for dating partners to share their personal phone numbers, emails, or addresses to their online dating partners unless they know each other very well. However, they may share their contact details with their partners when they find them trustworthy enough after prolonged communications. Tammi Pickle, a partner at Elite Communications, suggests how to make successful relationships without facing any breach of trust from the other partner. Moreover, these lovers may also share their personal secrets with their partners only if they realize that they are going to make a long-lasting relationship that may end up in marriage.     

Judge the nature of the partner from messages – As people now have sufficient time for chatting online with their dating partners, they can try to understand the nature of the person on the other side from his/her messages. These long conversations are indeed helpful in judging a dating partner from the style of writing or the words chosen by that person. The genuine interest of a person in building up a relationship is also expressed from his/her online messages. If it is found that some messages of a partner are irking the other one, it can be a signal of stopping that relationship instead of carrying it further towards a troubled future. 

Prepare for a future personal meeting– Though now it is not advisable to meet outside in person, two dating partners may develop their relationship for a future meeting when the situation becomes normal again. As per Elite Connections reviews posted online during this pandemic, most partners respect the decision of their chosen partners in wearing masks or maintaining social distancing for now. Thus, they can only prepare the ground for such successful future meetings while speaking online to one another. 

Therefore, people are benefitting from the virtual dating service provided by reputed dating sites including professional matchmaking and date coaching, like the ones offered by Tammi Pickle, the VP of the Elite Connections matchmaking team. 

Read Elite Connections reviews and see why quality singles have been joining with these professional matchmakers for 26 years. Contact the elite dating service at