What Women Really Want

by Professional Matchmakers

The most attractive quality to either sex is someone that knows who they want. This can be traced all the way back to the ancient wisdom of Socrates who spoke about the theory of soulmates, and you can see it all around the modern day world with all the romantic comedies that we had to bear throughout the holidays. That’s why when you are ready to start dating, it’s important to know what you want, otherwise, how are you ever going to get it? This way you can avoid any Elite Connections complaints about women being fickle. Our professional matchmakers know that everyone has differences in taste, needs, wants, and expectations. This is why we bring you what women want at different stages of their lives. 

Woman in her 20s

I call this stage “the unraveling stage.” The woman in her 20s just reached adulthood a few years ago. She is just beginning to taste full freedom and is exploring that to see what she likes and what she wants to do. This is why it’s not surprising for her to jump from one dating service to another. According to professional matchmakers, a woman in her 20s wants to go out on a lot of beautiful and memorable dates. She wants to have fun and be loved deeply at the same time. She is starting to realize what works and what doesn’t work for her, but mainly, she is in a stage of trial and error.  

Woman in her 30s

The 30s is the time where every woman wants to get serious. She’s done the dating around and has figured out what she wants. If she’s dating you, it’s because she sees something special in you and most likely wants someone that will pop the big question. According to Elite Connections reviews, women in their 30s show the highest level of commitment and desire to get married. Our professional matchmakers are mindful of these goals and make sure that they match women in this age frame to other bachelors that are also looking for the long term. By now, she knows what she is looking for and who she is likely to be compatible with. She’s not going to date anyone just because she sees the slightest glimmer of potential. She yearns for soul-quality. Someone who understands himself. A man who is on the same page as her, who also has learned from past relationships and is not interested in repeating old and negative behavior patterns.

Woman in her 40s

Some Elite Connections complaints show that women in their 40s can be pretty hard to figure out. However, our elite dating service has sourced and figured out why this is. Women in their 40s are either probably divorced, single moms, or they have not been ready for a relationship until now. This means that her next relationship needs to be a serious one. She is done playing games or picking the wrong partner. She might have experienced ups and downs from her previous relationships or learned from other women, so honesty and loyalty will make her feel safe with you. Professional matchmakers will advise that quality romance to a woman in her 40’s is attentiveness and time. She wants to feel the connection. She wants to be “wooed” through acts of consideration, respect, and support, and she wants to feel special. Her confidence means she is not afraid to be vulnerable and laugh at herself either. Truly, it is a special man who can steal and keep the heart of a woman in her 40’s. Remember they say ”life begins at 40”, a woman in her 40s doesn’t want to be seen as old, she feels she’s younger than ever and she’s ready to explore.

Woman in her 50s

Recent Elite Connection reviews have seen that dating a woman in her 50s means you are dating a woman who is finished with repeating the same mistakes and is ready to find her grown-up love story. So, if a woman in her 50s is interested in dating you, chances are she thinks you are worth her time. Even though she’s rarely clingy, she needs a chatty partner and values strong companionship. The flashy, superficial aspect of a relationship just does not cut it anymore. She wants to be happier than ever because a woman in her 50s is happier than she’s ever been. She has probably experienced more than enough of Oprah’s infamous “aha” moments to understand and accept (and love) who she is. She’s no longer riddled with the anxiety and insecurity of yesterday, so her partner now has to be one the same page. 

Woman in her 60s

First thing first, this category of women wants someone that will develop a deep and lasting relationship with them. Many women in this age are having a hard time trusting men–whether due to a painful divorce or a series of disappointing dating experiences. In recent Elite Connection reviews, and according to Sixty+ Me Community, many women over 60 find that their sense of confidence is broken and feel disillusioned by men and marriage —so they don’t want someone that will shatter them even more. Also, one of the top Elite Connection complaints is that women don’t appreciate comparison. Please do not compare her to younger women. Some 60+ women might be in great shape and appear younger than their age so focus on complimenting and bringing her up. Mature women are looking for a genuine man who practices kindness and lives from the heart. Someone who will treasure her heart enough to never let her down at this latter stage. According to Elite Connection reviews, she also wants lots of romance, and words of affirmation to make her feel she isn’t too old to be loved.

It’s not out of place to say that most women wish there was a machine that could examine the intentions of men that approach them. Well, none exists. This is why ‘making your intentions known’ is the mantra of every dating service. In the end, every woman wants to be loved by someone, they want signs of certainty in a relationship and that is one major thing their partners should be sensitive to. 

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What Men Look for in Women Based on Age

by Professional Matchmaking Dating Service, Elite Connections

Most singles think that dating age preference/range is the only thing to look for in a partner, but professional matchmakers say that what matters most is the connection you have and the common interests you share. Other dating preferences could include similar lifestyle, preferred religion, educational background, or number of children. Professional matchmakers at Elite Connections dating service advise you to specifically look at their personality traits and hobbies that you may have in common because these are the most important things that can make a relationship last. In this article, professional matchmakers from an elite dating service will give you advice on what men are looking for in a women depending on their age.  

Men in their 20s

Men in their twenties are typically looking for an all-around beautiful girl that is as gorgeous on the inside as much as she is on the outside. They want to make their friends jealous that they have successfully courted her and that she chose him over someone else or one of his friends.  Men in their twenties mature a lot as they get older and gain experience in dating through some good and some bad relationships. Your twenties are meant for trying new things and men eventually discover that what makes a relationship work is common interests and similar personality type. They also want women that set goals, follow through and achieve those goals, then sets new goals. Most men in their early twenties like to live in the moment and sometimes do not worry or think about the things that will make a relationship last. As men gain dating experience they start to realize what is most important to them about the girl they choose to date and what “standards” they have obtained. Men approaching their thirties look for women that are mature, supportive, and willing to work through tough times. A common Elite Connections complaint is that men in their twenties struggle with the gender stereotypes that come with being a man. For example, the man needs to be the bread winner and be able to support a family in this very competitive world.  This is why they want someone that is supportive of their life choices and can help ease the pressure.

Men in their 30s

Elite Connections reviews have reflected that most men in their thirties know what they wanted to do with their life and have established certain expectations for the women they date. Professional matchmakers from an elite dating service want to share some things that you should know about a man in his thirties before you accept that first date. First off, they know what they want and know what is important to them, which makes them more straightforward with their relationships. This is unlike the less mature expectations they  had in their twenties. Men in their thirties look for women who are driven, accomplished and confident of who they are as a person. They are looking for a women that has qualities and values similar to their own. Of course, all men tend to be attracted to outside beauty at first but in the end, all they really want is someone with pride in her self-esteem. Another Elite Connections complaint is that men in their thirties do not want to deal with emotional outbursts, head games, or any drama that used to happen when they were in their twenties.  All in all, men in their thirties are looking for the woman they want to spend the rest of their life with and be able to settle down with.

Men in their 40s

A very common Elite Connections complaint is that women have a tougher time dating men in their forties. Our elite matchmakers that have years of experience at our very successful dating service can confidently say that men in their forties are not that complicated. Based on previous experiences and relationships, men in their forties have dialed down on what they are looking for and expect in a partner. Elite Connections reviews tell us that men in this age group are more attracted to a woman that is financially stable, independent, and able to contribute to a family financially. One of the main things men in their forties look for is loyalty. They are over playing games and cheating and will not tolerate it and leave you. Men in their forties have been through their fair share of good and bad relationships and know the things that worked and the things that did not work. They might be more reluctant at first, but when they find a quality woman, they will seize the opportunity.

Men in their 50s

Elite Connections reviews have told us that by the time men reach their 50s, they tend to reflect on their life. At this time in their lives, they tend to dwell on situations or actions that they regret and start to realize what they did wrong and how they can change themselves for the better. They might give up on a dream that is too far out of reach. On the other hand, some men take this time to learn some self-acceptance and are optimistic about the future. This all leads men to want to find a woman that is sympathetic and empathetic towards their bad choices or regrets, not someone that will hold judgements against them.  Basically they just want someone to support them. Teach your man gratitude and remind him of everything he should be grateful for. They are also looking for someone that wants to do similar things as them and be able to make a plan that will make you both happy. All things considered, men in their fifties value a woman with character, virtues and maturity.

Men in their 60s

Most men in their sixties have retired and are looking for someone to enjoy the rest of their life with. They want someone with whom to travel, go on adventures, explore, and try new things. They value women that are able to join them in retirement. A common misconception is that  people in their sixties have no sex drive. Truth of the matter is that men in their sixties are still looking for someone to have fun with and meet their sexual desires. They do not want a woman to condemn them for their continued desire to have sex.

In conclusion, despite the age of the man you choose to date, all men are looking for someone who is genuine, confident, accomplished, and just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Once you realize these things about men, you will have a much easier time understanding them.

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