14 Ways to Find the Love of Your Life

by Sherri Murphy, professional matchmaking

Men and women are crazy about finding true love in their life, which is not an easy job. True love should be unconditional and permanent, fulfilling the emotions of both partners. It may not be the first love of a person but it should involve the right kind of partner that will bring eternal happiness to his/her life. According to the Elite Connections reviews, only true love can save people from the pain of breakups in life and this matchmaking service is efficient in helping their male and female members in this regard.

  1. Improve your personality – When you desire the best life partner, you need to rectify all your flaws to make yourself compatible with a person. So you should evaluate yourself and point out all the weaknesses, which can be corrected with perseverance for the betterment of your overall personality. Sherri Murphy, the CEO of Elite Connections matchmaking agency also suggests fulfilling your dreams in both your professional and personal life.
  2. Work on your physical beauty – Every man and woman is initially attracted to a beautiful face and handsome physique. So you must make a target of improving your looks, by taking regular care of your skin and hair. You should also exercise every day to make yourself healthier and achieve an impressive body figure. If there is any natural flaw in your look, you should not try to hide it but blend it as a part of your normal appearance. 
  3. Find your expectations in a partner – You need to be very specific about the type of life partner that you are really looking for. You can make a list of all qualities of a potential partner, which may be mentioned in your profile on the matchmaking site. However, you cannot expect all the good things together in your true love, as no one can be so much tailor-made. 
  4. Set a practical standard for a partner – You should not hold a fairytale view about your dream partner even if you are too much influenced by your favorite films and romantic novels. So you should think practically and decide the type of man/woman who can complete your life. 
  5. Meet more people regularly – When a person knows only a limited number of people, he/she has a lesser scope of finding true love in life. So you should concentrate on increasing the number of your acquaintances and widen the chance of meeting your true love someday. Common Elite Connections complaints are that it is hard to meet new people or know where to find them. Now, you may also join online forums and Whatsapp groups to increase your friend circle. 
  6. Choose an ideal friends circle – Even if you have many friends, you can never have too many close friends with whom you feel comfortable. According to Elite Connections complaints, many people are deceived in love from their friendship with the wrong sort of people. So you need to have the company of people who seem to be right for you, to open the door for the entrance of your true love. 
  7. Do not search for good looks – True love has no connection to the physical beauty of a person. You may find your real love in life even in a person who may be apparently not so good-looking. So it is the personality or the character of the person that you should be judging, not his/her looks. Hence, Sherri Murphy and her daughter Tammi Pickle, VP/Partner, advisesthe members of Elite Connections to evaluate all profiles of the list of potential members sent to them and not only the beautiful ones.
  8. Get a matching personality – It is very important the personality of your partner is compatible with yours, to have a long-lasting and happy relationship. If your personality clashes with your partner, it can be a nightmare for both of you! So you should judge the personality of your potential partner and check the features of his/her character. If you have any weaknesses, your partner should be strong in that regard. 
  9. Know about his/her priorities – Every person has different priorities in life and it is essential that your life partner maintains the same priorities that you think to be most important. If your career is your first priority, then your partner should be career-oriented too so that he/she can appreciate your feelings. 
  10. Check if he/she respects you – Mutual respect is essential for a healthy relationship, without which partners may fail to understand each other. So you should see whether your partner has enough respect for you and vice versa. You should seek a partner who is sensitive and shows respect for you in his/her words and actions. According to Elite Connections reviews, those relationships have been successful where partners develop respect for each other.
  11. Ask family or friends for opinion – No one can live alone without their family members and friends. So it is essential that your family and friends meet your potential partner and approve of this relationship. If they do not find him/her to be suitable for you, you should think about it from their point of view and rethink the whole matter. According to Elite Connections complaints, some horrible ending relationships could have been avoided by listening to well-trusted opinions. 
  12. Be acquainted with his/her family – Similarly, you should also meet the family and close friends of your chosen partner and see their reactions on meeting you. In this way, you can also have an idea about the family background and the culture of that person whom you want as your life partner. 
  13. Give some time to the relationship – You should not hurry to settle down in a relationship, but rather take some time for both partners. Both of you should wait and see if the mutual attraction and love still persist after a few months or a year before you make the final decision. It is seen that many hurried marriages often culminate in bitterness and divorce.
  14. Think practically for deciding – Though love is an emotion, you should also be practical and think rationally about the outcome of your relationship. You need to judge all the criteria and check whether he/she is the true love in your life, which should be an eternal feeling.

However, it is said that perfect matches can be manifested. So it is a good idea to put that goal and good vibes out there in order to find the true love of your life while you also depend on this matchmaking agency. Tammi Pickle, the VP/partner of Elite Connections is a love coach and offers useful guidance to all members of this site in this matter. Check out Elite Connections reviews to see why successful singles have been using their service for over 26 years. 

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